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Digital Marketing during a Pandemic

Covid 19 certainly caused some difficult times for businesses this year; especially those that require a lot of manpower or, by their nature, cannot be downsized, reduced, or stopped. As is the case with businesses deemed ‘essential’. However, for a vast number of companies, the pandemic triggered a realization. We realised what many of us already suspected; which is that we can do a lot of things from home.

We have been talking about a digital revolution for decades, but Covid REALLY made us go digital.

Online meetings and calls, platforms to teach, learn, and work from home, a trimming of excesses and most of all, a social experiment at a global scale.

What was the experiment?

Can we be productive while not being present? Can we stay afloat or even thrive during this pandemic?

This unusual year saw companies that can work remotely explode, while the hardest hit (hospitality, events and entertainment, education, transportation, manufacturing…) struggled to adapt to survive.

So how can digital marketing help?


When things are uncertain, news or developments need to be communicated to your customers and prospects quickly. What better way than through social media, email, or website? Digital marketing can help to promptly reassure customers how your operations and services to them will be affected.

Re-strategize and focus your business efforts

As the trend shifts towards remote work, we have to be smart about how we market and to whom we market. A focused digital marketing strategy to identify thriving niches and new prospects for potential clients in these niches, will help to ensure the company secures new revenue streams.

Focus your budget to ensure permanence

Lower income will naturally cause some businesses to trim staff and operation costs. However, we would argue that, for the smart company, this is the time to actually increase your marketing efforts.

  • To drive home the fact that you are still providing quality products or services.

  • To make sure you stay in your client’s consciousness.

  • To give a sense of trust and continuity during uncertain times.

  • To build loyalty in the fact that you will remain.

  • To allow you to gain market share and be the dominant voice while others are inactive.

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