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5 Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Ok so you are regularly putting out marketing activity, but are you sure you are doing the right activities, getting optimal results? Here are 5 marketing mistakes you need to avoid to make sure you're spending your marketing money and time wisely.

1.Not understanding your audience

Imagine you have been marketing to 25-35 year old couples or families, but it turns out, the people buying your product or using your services are under 25 year-old males. Maybe you are focusing your social media marketing on Facebook, but it turns out your target audience uses Instagram more. Make sure you take the time to understand who you are aiming at.

2. Ignoring the competition

You may think that you’re doing great, however the competition is reaching audiences you aren’t or has a better message and content. Keep tabs on your major competitors and your industry leader. You may find hidden opportunities.

3. Marketing in the wrong place or at the wrong time

You’ve got your email all set up, your press release is about to come out, your advertisement is set to go; and it turns out you will be marketing during a national holiday. Oops! Will people see your message?

You purchased an exhibition spot at an event to gain visibility and get sales but suddenly you see the event has suppliers mostly and very few buyers. Do your research before spending money.

4. Not measuring your results

How do you know you are being effective? That your marketing money is being well spent? Keep track of your Marketing ROI, lead to sale conversion metrics, click through rates, website traffic, form submissions, etc.

5 Being off-brand

Your customers can tell when you are putting out a disjointed message, or when the branding and artwork doesn’t follow guidelines. For example: Your website is white and blue and the text refers to the client directly and informally: “Oops, looks like your forgot to finish your order…” , but your advertisement is designed in black and red and the text is formal and indirect, “Our company offers our clients the best products…”. Make sure you maintain your tone of voice, artwork and content to align with your overall brand. This will ensure your target audience knows exactly who you are, what you represent and what you are selling.

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