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Breathe easier with Marketing Automation

If you are a small business owner or marketing professional and you have been struggling to keep up with marketing for your business, a good way to free up your time is to set up automations.

Automated Email Segmentation & Scheduling

Send emails to a specific audience according to a pre-set segmentation according to the prospect’s details or their actions. Write a series of emails and set them up to be sent at a later date, or periodically. You can schedule an email to be sent at a specific date, according to the target’s region, time of day, day of the week, an anniversary, an action taken or not taken in a previous email, etc. There are so many possibilities.


An automated email is sent once your target audience has been added to a subscriber list or taken an action like filling up a contact form.

Process Automation

Set up your platforms so that you remove the manual component to an internal process. For example: once a lead comes in, automatically assign it to a business development manager according to their region.

Lead scoring and lead management

Automatically assign a score to a marketing prospect or lead according to their characteristics. A repeat customer can have a score of 5 while a new customer is a 1; then send an custom automated message according to their score.

Analytics & Reporting Automation

Quickly and effectively keep tabs on the results of your marketing efforts by setting up automated reports and dashboards that can give you a real time snapshot of lead numbers, conversion rates, sales performance, engagements and response rates, etc.

Integrations It’s amazing how much time you can save through integrations. Connect your website to your marketing platform, your CRM system and your billing system. This way you have a clear seamless path from lead to sale. If a prospect fills out your contact form, have that information be automatically sent to a Business development manager or send them an automated email. As soon as the sale is made, automatically create a contract or invoice to be sent to your new client right from your mobile phone.

Start working smart and implement marketing automation.


If you’re interested in finding out more about automations and how to implement them in your business, contact us at Op-in Marketing.

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